Jay Lowder is a dynamic communicator who speaks truth with a passion and power that is riveting to audiences of all types.  His engaging and contemporary style endows him with an uncanny ability to connect with adults and students alike.  Motivated to reach the struggling masses, he travels the globe speaking in football stadiums, gymnasiums, civic centers, schools, churches and even under shade trees in Africa. 

Jay has been featured on at least 15 major networks, including The Discovery Channel, ABC, Fox, ABC Family and TBN.  In addition, he has many national radio shows to his credit. He has been profiled in countless newspaper and magazine articles including ESPN OUTDOORS, Baptist Press and SBC LIFE. 

Although Jay was reared in a home in which both parents were believers, this exposure failed to lead to a faith and commitment to Jesus Christ at an early age. Like many young people, Jay turned from God and sought contentment and peace in the world’s destructive vices, to which many teens fall victim. Much like the thousands of teens who attempt suicide each year, Jay himself reasoned that his own life was no longer worth living. In the depths of despair, he sat in his apartment, facing his own destruction, with a pistol at his temple. The attempt came to an abrupt halt when his roommate, who was expected to be gone for several hours, walked through the door.

Sensing that God had miraculously spared his life, Jay’s quest for the truth began. The search that had taken 21 years culminated several months later as Jay stumbled into a Sunday night crusade service where he received Christ as Savior. Three nights later, Jay attended a Wednesday night youth event being held in his hometown auditorium. Surrounded by the 1000 teens in attendance, Jay witnessed several hundred teens respond to the call to accept Jesus Christ. It was during this invitation that Jay realized God was calling him to spend the rest of his life preaching the truth that had transformed his own life.

Jay’s new God-given vision for reaching the lost compelled him to start a witnessing team that walked the streets of downtown Wichita Falls. Jay and his college classmates saw multitudes transformed through faith in Jesus. Pastors, youth directors, school officials, and others began inviting Jay to preach at their events. Soon, Jay launched into full-time evangelism, traveling as an associate with several prominent evangelists. Crossing the nation, Jay spoke in both church and area-wide crusades, evangelism conferences, and youth camps and rallies.

It was during this time that Jay’s nationally acclaimed school assembly program, “Crossroads”, was developed.  “Crossroads” has been heard by over two million students. The 30-minute secular lecture has drawn explosive responses from students and parents alike. This program has connected Jay into the vein of the youth culture while providing a catalyst to reach thousands of “unchurched” young men and women.

After several years of associate work, Jay felt called to launch his own ministry and Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries, Inc. was born. With the support of his wife Melissa, whom he married in 1993, and their three children, Lane-14, Kayley Faith-8 and Graham-4, the evangelistic ministry has continued to develop and grow into a nationwide ministry with a staff of seven. Since his call into evangelism, Jay has participated in more than 250 crusades, rallies and conferences.

Jay and his family reside in Wichita Falls, Texas. They are members of the First Baptist Church of Wichita Falls, where Dr. Bob McCartney is pastor.

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